Volleyball Tuesdays

Whats up party people?!! Yuri here introducing the new and improved Volleyball Tuesdays at Sunset Cove in Lanier World. The official start date is May 7th. We are working on getting that opened sooner. I will get back to you on that.

BRING YOUR BALLS!! Seriously! I dont have any.

Winner stays on. This is where I learned to play and it was always kings of the court. There will be clipboards at each net with a name list. Games to 21 unless 3 teams are waiting. Then games to 15.

Please give me some feedback on the interest in leagues. We are a go for that, but if everyone would prefer to play pickup, lets do that! Its all about having a great summer with some high competition ball.

Mens open on center court. Womens open on court 2. If there are more women than men, they get center court. All other levels and coed on courts 3 & 4.

Bring the FAM and stay thirsty!

If you dont want to pay admission to the park I need a  list of the driver by every Sunday night before the Tuesday night main event. You get in free if your on the list. Extra money for other goodies.Car pool if you can. No worries if you can not.

No outside food or coolers please. You can bring sealed waters into the park. There will be food and drink specials every Tuesday. And LOUD music of our choice with DJ Chinese Cowboy on the 1 and 2′s.

Please contact me for whatever you need;

Yuri Henry



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