Fudds Warmup

Yuri here…Hello to all Volleyballers! Just wanted to give a heads up for the upcoming ADV Fudds Quads Warmup Tournament hosted at Sunset Cove in Lanier World on April 6th. Just a couple things; There are 10 mens teams registered with 2 on the waiting list and a 5th court added. Need a couple more teams. Would like to have 3 pools of 5.
There are 9 womens teams. Need a couple more teams to fill up pools and getting on the waiting list would be smart since a team sometimes drops. Or get more teams than the guys and have a 3rd pool.
And last, any womens teams who need players, please email Sean Allen at seanallen@angrydragonvolleyball.com or angrydragon@angrydragonvolleyball.com to find a love connection for that TBD. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
Stay Classy!!

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