Big Breaking News!!!!!

Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to start getting the tournaments on the calendar and looking forward to another great season of ball!
I’m thrilled to announce that there will be a changing-of-the-guard up at Sunset this year: Mike Carter is your new TD!! He is busy getting dates set now and will be announcing the schedule very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!
I will be running Sunday tournaments up the new “Lakepoint sports facility”, and will be starting a new page for those very soon.
Thank you all for always selling out the Sunset tournaments, keep it up and I look forward too seeing all of you on Sundays up at Lakepoint!!!!~Nicole

One thought on “Big Breaking News!!!!!”

  1. That sounds awesome. The kids and I have had season passes for years and I have enjoyed playing vball there.

    It’s good to know the sunset cove team is making new plans every year. Good stuff!

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