June 7th Regular Doubles Team List

Below are the teams that are registered and payment is confirmed by TD!

Mens (FULL):

1. Brad & Adam (Brad Williams, Adam Duncan)

2. Swedish Sand Mafia (Rajne Svenssohn, Jack Icho)

3.  Duncan Creek (Mike Lawley, Ben Lee)

4.  Hoj/Porter (Ryan Hojnacki, Kevin Porter)

5.  About Damn Time (Nik Sambo, Rico Grant)

6. Mitchell/Mitchell (Bobby Mitchell, Bobby Mitchell Jr)

7. Big Beard & No Beard (Mike Dean, Corey Barrow)

8. Josh/Mat (Josh Marsh, Mat Crisman)

9. Kiss My Ace (Scott McConnell, Jeremy Farr)

10. Jeff & Jesus (Jeff Riley, Mark Haggery)



1. Lover Dogs (Suzy Hastings, Audrey Feltz)

2. Casey Praznik / TBD

3. Neptune (Rachel Lawley, Audra Lee)

4. Bri/Kim (Kim Fletcher, Bri Schunzel)

5. Almost Tan (Chelsea Proffitt, Danelle Layton)

6. Tips are For Strippers (Karlyn Edgar, Audrey Hurd)

7. Count Me In! (Ceci, Rachel Travis)

8. Kiss My Ace (Jordan Ball, Nicole Ball)

9. Chewy/Jessica (Chibuzo Aguocha and Jessica Skower)

10. GSU Sand (Jessica  Fourspring, Molly Smestad)

Updated June 6th, 3:01pm



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