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Sunset Cove is one of the only actual beach volleyball venues in Atlanta. It now boasts 4 professional sand volleyball courts and we are beyond excited for our 3nd full season of tournaments at Sunset Cove.

This is an amazing venue for us here in Atlanta, however it is also a corporate business so we must adhere to some rules that we don’t normally have.  All the information in this letter is very important, so please read in it’s entirety.

  • No coolers are allowed into the venue.  There are several restaurants and one large central bar/restaurant at the venue serving up whatever you need.  Each player is allowed to bring in ONE SEALED BOTTLE OF WATER (any size smaller than a gallon, and must be a purchased, sealed bottle…not a “save the planet” refillable container)!!  There will always be water coolers available for players to refill your bottles throughout the day near your courts.  DO NOT bring in gatorade, powerade, etc!! I do suggest that you purchase the single-serve powder packets to put into your water if you need a sports drink.  The management has graciously acknowledged that players will need things such as nuts, bars, fruit and SMALL things that you will have IN YOUR BAGS to keep you going throughout the day.  All they ask is to please keep this on the down-low as no other guests are allowed to bring in any food or drink.  Please please be very mindful of this and respect the venue!!!  We all want to be able to keep having tournaments here for years to come, so don’t be douchey.
  • If you sign up for the tournament, show up!!  We are limited to 5 nets here so there will always be a ceiling of allotted teams, so please don’t be a no-show!!!  Not only is that rude, it throws off the whole bracket system, makes setup a huge headache, and is inconsiderate to everybody playing.  If you aren’t able to make it, please let me know as soon as possible so we can avoid last minute issues and release the slot to a waiting team.  If you no-show without letting me know, you will be dropped from any future registrations for the sand series. No I am not kidding!!
  • Registration opens at 8:00A.  EVERY player needs to come by registration to sign the waiver that Lake Lanier Islands (LLI) requires to use the venue.  Players meetings is at 8:30A sharp, with first serve in the air by 9:15.  YOU NEED TO BE ON TIME!!  Don’t just show when you feel like it as I WILL start on time (again, not kidding), and you will forfeit your first game if you are not there.  Please bring CASH payment, check is acceptable if you must.
  • If your roster has changed in any way (player swap, TBDs, etc), I need to know.  I have arranged for all players (and everyone in their car) to get into Lanier World for free!  For me to pull that off, I need to turn in the complete players list by the end of business on the Monday of that week, so that LLI can get the list to the front gate on time.  If I don’t have the right names, then you will end up having to pay for entrance to the park.
  • Watch your language!  We all have an issue of dropping an “F” bomb here and there, but this is a family establishment, so keep the cussing to a minimum please!  On the same note, keep the crappy attitudes at home please!
  • You can bring down shade tents… just realize that it’s a pretty good walk down many stairs to get to the courts!
  • No need to stop at McDonalds on the way in!: They have a great cafe that serves fresh fruit, egg sandwiches, donuts and coffee!!!

Fun facts:

  • Bud is a sponsor, so there will be a beer special for us.
  • Players will receive a wristband to also receive 10% off your food bill at any restaurant.
  • There is an AWESOME waterslide park that is a blast for all ages, so if you have a family, this is the perfect venue!
  • Sunset Cove has a live band beach party that should be starting around the time of semis.
  • I have arranged for a special player hotel rate at the gorgeous Legacy Lodge. Our player rate is $129 (normally $179).  Call 770-945-8787 and ask for the “sand series rate”.  Based on availability.

For directions: http://www.lakelanierislands.com/location or just take 85N (16 miles) to 985N/Lanier Pkwy (signs for Gainesville) go 8 miles then take exit 8 GA-347/Friendship Road.  Go left off exit and follow straight into gate of Lanier World.  Your name will be at the gate for free entry, ask for directions to Sunset Cove from the gate person.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Thank you and see you on the courts!!!

Michael Carter


Assistant Tournament Directors: Casey Praznik and Adam Duncan

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