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Mens division full for April 6 Fudds warmup season opener!!!

I have never had a tournament where at least 1 team on the waitlist hasn’t played, so get your team on the men’s waitlist by emailing !!!

We are also hoping for 2 divisions for the womens, so get your teams signed up today ladies!  Let’s get this thing filled up and get you ready for Fudds!!!!!

Register only at

Tournaments for 2013 and formats posted NOW!!!!

Mark your calendars for all of our tournaments for the 2013 season!!!  This is our exciting 2nd season at the beautiful Sunset Cove at Lake Lanier and I am excited to kick it off once again by teaming up with the awesome crew at Angry Dragon Volleyball for a Fudd’s warm-up!!  I have an array of formats this season, and happy to bring back  Dinosaur Doubles this year!!

One piece of sad news:  We may be down to 4 courts this year (as opposed to 5) due to Lake Lanier making some major changes at the beach.  Still, we have 4 nets on an actual beach, so let’s celebrate that!!;)

Take a look at all the tournaments on the calendar and please feel free to contact me with any questions!!!

2013 Tournament dates announced!!!!

The following are the 2013 tournament dates (formats TBD)- April 6 Fudds warmup M/W A/AA quads, May 11 M/W doubles Open level, June 15 format TBD, July 13 format TBD, Aug 2 format TBD and Sept 7 format TBD

Keep checking the back for all tournament formats and calendar events!!!

See you on the courts!!!


TBD Rule when registering at Sunset Cove

I realize that because I will always have a ceiling on the amount of teams that I can accept into any tournament because of only having 5 courts available, that players get concerned they may not get a spot if they don’t register ASAP.  The problem that arises with that is that players want to register for tournaments to hold a spot without securing a partner(s).  This is really not fair overall, so as a rule for everybody, I will not accept a registration without a complete team.

Thank you for your understanding.  Also, when registering I really do need each individuals CORRECT information to be filled out, not just the same email and phone number for every player!!

See you on the courts!!!!

Great lesson for today about being wait-listed!

Next weeks Cinco de Mayo M/W open doubles has been wait-listed for over a month.  This week, just over a week away from tournament, several teams have had to reform or simply drop because of injury or other life happenings.  This has clearly opened up new slots to fill.  Both wait-listed teams are now playing in the tournament.  ALWAYS sign up for a tournament and keep an eye on the registered teams list to see if there has been some movement.

To further my point, I opened the tournament with 10 total team spots available for women, and had such great response that I made it into a 12 team tournament.  This is probable to happen to most tournaments if I have great response and enough teams on the wait list.  I want everybody who wants to play to be able to of course…..So…

SIGN UP EVEN IF YOU SEE THE TOURNAMENT IS FULL for every even you want to play!